The process of Auto Wreckers scrapping metals from your scrap cars

Posted On: March 29, 2018

If you have a vehicle with damage that cost beyond your budget, getting rid of it would be the best option. As ditching it on your property won’t be a good idea when you can actually earn good cash for cars from it. You should consider scrapping metals from your unwanted vehicle to earn bonus money. Getting an extra cash will be very helpful during the holiday season.


Following are some options which can benefit an owner by scrapping metals from scrap vehicles:

The Attraction to Scrap Metal

These days many people tend to sort scrap metal at weekends. You can find scrap metals at various places like your house, office, yard, dumpsters, at the dump, etc. Also you will not have any difficulty in sorting and selling different types of scrap metals. As there is widely established scrap metal recycling industry which recycle different kinds of junk meals.

Even car wrecking companies also prefer to buy huge quantities of junk metal for instant cash. They choose environmentally friendly measures to recycle auto parts and metals. Hence, you can make the most cash by scrapping your automobile with auto wreckers.


Aluminium is a very valuable metal which comes in a lot of different types. The most common sources of Aluminium are soda and beer cans. You can also discover aluminium in car rims, wiring, air conditioner components, siding, components of computers, etc.


Some metals like Nickel, Cobalt, Platinum, Tungsten and Copper are highly valuable. But among them only Copper is the most commonly used and recycled metal. It can be found in electrical wiring, plumbing, electronic gadgets, etc. Usually people can even find copper in many vehicle components and parts. When junking an unwanted auto, owner can also add up the value of copper products.


This is another valuable scrap metal in the list. It can be found in a lot of items in automobiles. Some of the most common areas are doorknobs and plumbing valves. Other than this, several decorating things like candlesticks, pots and wall hangings, etc. also have brass. You can also find many other items around your house sell it for recycling.

Stainless Steel

This is another metal that holds good value and is in great demand among auto wreckers. As is worth recycling and reusing for many purposes. There a plenty of products such as silverware sets, pots and pans and metal utensils which are worth recycling. However, the most common source where stainless steel can be found in abundance is appliances. Beside this there are also a few other good sources of stainless steel including hub caps, vehicle trim, and beer kegs.

Mixed Metals

Although mixed metals worth less after recycling, but at least they still offer some value.  These metals including iron, tin, etc. can be recycled for a variety of purposes.

How to contact Wreckers?

Selling scrap vehicle is certainly helpful to the people for getting fast cash for cars. By selling it to your local cash for car wreckers you can earn huge cash. However, this is in stark contrast to other normal avenues. As such ways are now traditional and causes a lot of stress. You can get cash from auto wreckers to determine the scrap metals. You just need to let us know so we can give you the opportunity for fair cash.

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