Cash for cars New Zealand, free Car removal

Posted On: September 26, 2013

Cash for cars New Zealand, free Car removal


Cash For Cars 0800 203050 Submit your vehicle details to to receive cash offers for your Car, Van, Ute, 4WD or Trucks today OR simply call us.

The stress free, hassle free and most convenient way to sell your Vhicle, Car, Van, Ute, 4WD & trucks.

Deal with Motor Trade Professionals, who are online now and waiting to make you a cash offer for your car.

Sell the Car for Cash!

With “Cash for car”it’s much easier than you may think to sell the car for cash. Our customer services are online waiting to make you an offer now!

That’s right, “Cash for car” dismantlers are all over the New Zealand with cash waiting and are online ready to make you a cash offer to buy your car.

Selling your vehicle to “CASH FOR CAR”is a simple and straight forward process. Submitting your car on our website takes less than 2 minutes. As soon as you are finished, our members can see your vehicle details and they will call or email you to value your car,weare interested in buying any make and model and we will make you cash offer to buy your vehicle.

You are not under any obligation to accept our offers at any point you can directly negotiate with us to get a great deal for yourself.

Send your vehicle details out individually to us, and we may be more inclined to make a better offer as we then know you are serious about selling your cars and we will give you the best price, if you have more than one vehicle!!

Currently with the motor trade there is a shortage of high quality used vehicles in stock. If your car has less than 60,000 kms on it and is less than 5 years old it is highly likely you will get the best cash offer for your car and be in the driving seat when negotiating the best deal.

You really have nothing to lose when submitting your car details on “Cash for car” website as it is free of charge.Then you will receive offers for it. Guaranteed if it is less than 5 years old with less than 60,000kms and if you are not happy with the offer you can walk away at any point. We buy vehicles in any condition, Dead or alivefrom 1985 up to 2011 any make and model and it does not have to be complete or a runner.

Sell my Car in Auckland

If you’re thinking “How do I sell my car in, quick& easy way?”
With the NZ’s No.1 Car Price Comparison website, “Cash for Car”. Compare offers withother dismantlers across the NZ and select the best deal for you.

Not only in the Great North Island,we also have branchesthroughout New Zealand and will be willing to travel to you to buy your Vehicles, to save yourtime and hassle of taking the car to us.

Selling your car to“Cash for Car” is quick, easy, simple and hassle free. Simply enter your details on our website which will take less than two minutes for the process, then upload some photographs and wait for the offers to arrive. It is possible to have cash in your hand and your car sold on the same day.

All ourStaffmembers are professionals on vehicle industry who can explain government terms, conditions and codes of practices, andprovide you afair description about your car.Then need to start negotiating the deal on handover.

If your car is a particularly popular model, you could have buyers who competing with each other to give you a better deal. Once you have accepted an offer, confirm the collection and payment process with the dismantler. “Cash for cars” would always recommend that you make sure you have the cleared funds in your bank account or get the cash in your hand before releasing your car from your property and the change of ownership registration document or make sure you get a receipt from whomever company you are dealing with.

You really have nothing to lose, when submitting your car details to “cash for car” website and see what our staff members will offer you.

Sell my Car in Christchurch or Wellington

If you are living in Christchurch and are trying to sell your car then you should certainly give “Cash for car” a try. We have subscribing car dismantlers, in and around Bromley, who are willing to travel to you to buy your car today. If you are thinking “I would like to sell my car” then!

“Cash for car” will travel across the country if a car is right for them. By submitting your car details on Cash for car, free of charge you are increasing your chances of getting more money for your car.

Adding your car Free of charge to “Cash for car” allows all our staff around New Zealand to make you an offer to buy your car.

It takes less than two minutes to submit your car details on “Cash for car” once you submit your details, immediately your car will be available on our system and we will value your car according to the latest industry guides and what we think we can scrap your car for, then make you an offer. Because you are likely to get multiple offers for your car you can use this to your advantage and see if you can get the dismantlers who made the offers to improve them. Once you are happy with the offer we made, accept the offer and arrange a convenient time for payment and collection. It may be one of the staff members whoare close to you and they may offer a little bit more cash for your car as an incentive to take it to them.

The offers that are made from “cash for car” are genuine offers, from dismantlers genuinely trying to buy your car. They are not computer generated offers from a company that frankly could say your car is worth anything you want to hear…they are not making an offer to actually buy your car. At no point are you under any obligation to accept an offer, you can remove your vehicle at any time by emailing back saying “I have sold my car” in the email we send you.

You really have nothing to lose, add your car free of charge and see what offers you will receive.

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