Common Mistakes to Avoid when Disposing of a Vehicle

Posted On: June 22, 2018

recycling vehicle

Recycling is a great activity to take part in. However, it isn’t just restricted to paper, plastic and glass. Recycling is for a wide range of things. Even vehicles get recycled. And seeing as the automotive industry is such a gargantuan behemoth, it comes as no surprise that the vehicle recycling industry is similarly huge. Resources such as steel get a second, third and so-on life due to this practice. So there is no debate as to whether recycling is worthwhile. But it is possible to make mistakes. Here are just a few of them.

Agreeing to Accept Payment at a later date

Once you have signed on the dotted line to pass your car on to the new owner, that vehicle has stopped being yours. And technically, the person who now owns it doesn’t have to pay you. The law says that they pretty much own the car. If whomever that is buying your vehicle is trying to convince you to accept payment at a later date, they may be trying to trick you. Don’t allow it. Ask to be paid on the spot or not at all.

Paying to Transport the Vehicle to the New Owner

When selling a vehicle that is road-worthy and has a tank full of petrol, the new owner can drive the car back to their place. This is no problem in this case. However, if you are selling a car to a cash for cars-company or anyone else, it will need to be professionally transported back to their place of business. You shouldn’t have to pay for this. If they ask you to, just say no. They are the new owners so it is their responsibility. If they tell you before they buy it off you that this is their policy, don’t sell to them. Find someone else. There are plenty of cash for car companies like who provide removal services free of charge.

Dispose of a Vehicle that Can Still Drive

If your car is in good condition and will still run, don’t have it recycled. You can still drive it! If you sell it to a cash for cars-company, it has to be for good reasons. Such as needing the money fast. If you need to pay a debt very quickly, this is when you sell to a cash for cars-company. They allow you to be able to sell your automobile within the space of one day.

However, you may have plenty of time to sell your car and don’t mind the effort that needs to go into the process. In this case it may be a better option to sell privately or trade it in at an auto dealer. You stand a better chance of making much more money for it. Cash for cars-companies valuate cars based on purely objective standards, where-as private buyers are more likely to look at other attributes that are more subjective and therefore place more value on it.

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