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Whether you are planning to sell your vehicle or trading it for a newer one. You might be curious to get a precise and fair appraisal for it. But, how to go about it?

Just make the toll free call now – 0800 20 30 50 or fill out the free quotation form on the right side of the website and you are done.

Well! The good news is that, the New Zealand’s official Cash for Cars Company can help you to find out your car’s worth regardless of its condition. Our evaluators provide free auto valuation online with ease and precision.


Since we are the Auckland’s prime cash for cars. We always pay maximum cash for used, old, unwanted & damaged cars at high rates. This is the reason our competitors are incapable to match our price offers. We are nationwide provider. So no matter, if you need a quote from Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington or anywhere from the lower north or south island. We will be happy to offer our best estimate.

Our proficient and skilled auto valuation team got the expertise to estimate automobiles accurately and effortlessly regardless of what is their make or model. Consequently, we have got a huge network of assuring and happy clients that are absolutely contented with our fast, stress-free and easy services.

How does the Car Valuation Process work?

When evaluating vehicle, we take into consideration three main features. Firstly, its make and model, Secondly, its manufacturing year and last but the most important its condition.

As said the last feature i.e. the condition of the vehicle is the main element that helps in determining the true value of the automobile. If your vehicle is in a good condition except for few dings or scratches, it will fetch you good money. Conversely, if it is entirely written off, then it will eventually have a negative impact on its price. If you are planning to junk your car in Auckland or anywhere in NZ then get in touch with us.

Furthermore, we thoroughly inspect it, in order to check the number of auto spare parts that are still functional and can be sold as used spare parts after recycling.


Fast & Hassle free no obligation Car Valuation

When trading with us, have confidence that you are getting a fair and best worth for your vehicle. As this is what we strive for. It is very simple to avail our free no obligation cash quote. Just give us all relevant details about your vehicle via phone by dialing our number 0800 20 30 50. And with your one call our proficient assessors will give you an accurate estimate within seconds. Due to this reason we are the prime choice of our clients when it comes to getting a free online auto valuation in Auckland, NZ.

In addition to it, we feel pride in offering an assessment better than any outdated auto valuation tool. As our monetary offers are based on current market price. However, if you do this with the help of an online car valuation tool that determines the worth on the basis of general input, you won’t receive a genuine assessment. These tools don’t consider the unique history and condition of the vehicle, both of which are vital variables in determining the true worth of an automobile.

We guarantee the best prices for used vehicles in Auckland

As our prime objective is to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our services, we provide top-rate money offers for all makes and models. Our online quotes are undoubtedly unbeatable. Check out how does our cash for cars process work.

So, if you are imprecise about the value of your used vehicle, don’t procrastinate or delay anymore. Please make us a call and give us a brief description of your wheels. Call now on 0800 20 30 50.

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