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Posted On: July 27, 2016

People don’t normally ponder the question of how much their car is worth in scrap. It’s not normal. Most people end up selling a car before it gets to that stage. But vehicles do get old and die, usually while under the ownership of some poor soul. And that man or woman is going to be asking themselves that exact question. Maybe not in those exact words, but the basic idea of the question will be the same.

Because it’s such a rare occurrence in any one person’s life, it’s not surprising that most people don’t really know how to go about determining the general value of a junk vehicle. This can be a problem if they want to sell it to a Cash for Cars Company. They specialize in auto dismantling for the purpose of salvaging used parts to sell, as well as selling the leftovers to scrap companies. They usually give a quote over the phone, and if the seller gets a bunch of quotes, knowing the above information can help in determining who is offering the best price.


Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is not an option when faced with the dilemma of disposing of an unwanted car. The reason for this is simple: Cars that aren’t running start deteriorating. Components that could be taken out, refurbished and resold won’t be candidates for that treatment further down the line.

One cause of this deterioration is rust. Another is weathering. Parts with rubber in them will suffer because of rubber’s shelf life when not maintained. Pests such as rats and mice get in and chew things like electronic components.

Don’t let time steal money from you. Get the vehicle sold as soon as possible. That way you can honestly relay the fact that the scrap vehicle was roadworthy very recently. The amount of cash you get is more likely to be larger.

Use sites such as Redbook as a reference

But be sure to know that as a scrap car your vehicle will be worth a lot less that the Redbook value, and it’s just a starting point to get a basic idea of how much your vehicle is worth. You can look at the offer you received from the cash for cars services that you have contacted, and estimate which price is high enough.

Don’t accept an offer with conditions

Decide what your resale value of your car is and don’t deviate from that price no matter what. Some companies will attempt to rip you off by offering a price that you like, come over and put the vehicle on their car removal vehicle, and then tell you the vehicle is worth less than they said once the car is on the truck. They do this because they love money more than people. If you have this experience tell them to put the vehicle back as you only let them put it on the truck because you were under false impressions.

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