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Posted On: April 26, 2018

If you have ever tried to sell a junk car, but have found it nearly impossible, don’t be hard on yourself. It is, after all, a junk car. A vehicle that will never run again due to the cost of repair being higher than its value. The only type of person that is going to want to buy it is someone who makes money out of salvaging junk cars for their parts. And they are aren’t a common breed. Your ad will have to be up online for a few days or weeks before it is seen by a person fitting that description. And even then, they will try and pay as little as possible for the thing.

There is a much easier way. There are companies like King Auto who do the same thing as was described above. They buy junk cars and salvage their parts and materials. But there are a few differences, all of them positive.


Read onward to learn how making the most cash for your junk car by selling to a cash for car service.

Check these Great Services Out

When you sell to an auto wrecker, cash for car service or removal service, all of which are the same thing basically, here are the services you can expect to receive:

  • Free price quotes around the clock;
  • Free removal of your junk vehicle from your property;
  • Fast removal within the same day;
  • Full inspection of the automobile in question;
  • All paperwork is completed by them, all you need to do is sign on the dotted line;
  • Instant cash payment right before the removal takes place;

If you want to get the most money possible for your vehicle, it is always a good idea to shop around. Get a few different quotes. Look online for feedback on their services to ascertain how good their reputation is. It is easy enough to contact these companies, as most have both phone numbers and online forms to fill out.

You don’t have to have any concerns over the likelihood you will sell your car fast. Some auto wreckers will only accept certain makes and models, but plenty will buy anything under the sun. You will be very likely to find a company who will buy your car in your area.

What Makes a Car Removal Company Reliable?

  • Cash for car services that provide all the correct information pertaining to their practices on their website, along with relevant information. This includes contact details. They should have a quote request form that is easy to fill out. Free removal is a must.
  • An Auckland owned Car Removal Company that is reliable will offer a few different services in the name of making the experience of doing business with them as convenient as possible.
  • A reliable company will offer free cash quotes. They will complete the paperwork and perform the removal at no cost to you.

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That junk car is serving no purpose lying about on your lawn. Sell it for top cash to today.

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