How to get top cash for Hyundai

Posted On: May 3, 2018

Are you currently strapped for cash, and have an upcoming bill you need to pay? If things have gotten that tight, and you have decided that you are going to sell your Hyundai to make the money required in a quick fashion, sell it to us! We are “Cash for car” and we are Auckland’s quickest method for selling cars. You don’t have to wait more than a mere day for us to pay you good money for your Hyundai car, truck, van, SUV, 4×4 or Ute.


We Buy Junk Hyundai Cars

If your Hyundai has for any reason reached a point of disrepair that it can’t come back from, it may seem that it will be impossible to sell. Don’t despair. We here at “Cash for Car” have a business where we purchase junk cars. We dismantle them, and sell any parts and materials such as steel to make money. This is why we are able to spend good money on buying them in the first place. We love to share the wealth around.

Get the Best Value for your Hyundai

Sell your scrap cars for cash today. When you offer your Hyundai to us, we will take into consideration how many parts of it are able to be cleaned up and re-sold. This is an objective gauge for figuring out how much the car in question is worth. Any parts that can’t be resold as used parts will be sold as scrap metal, so the weight of steel on the car is also taken into consideration, along with the vehicle’s age. The team at “cash for car” treat the valuation process as a passion. You can therefore have peace of mind in the fact that your car will be accurately valued. If it is in good enough condition we pay up to $12’000 cash for Hyundai vehicles.

The Model of Hyundai Can Be Anything

There is no list of Hyundai models that Hyundai Wreckers reject. This is because we care about everyone in our community, and they need to have a means for selling their junk Hyundai’s. Regardless of what model of Hyundai you want to sell. This includes but isn’t restricted to such models as Lantra, Libero, Stellar, Tucson, Starex, Porter, Scoupe, Xcent, Elantra, Grandeur, Santa Fe, Accent, Genesis, Verna, plus many more.

Enjoy Our Free Hyundai Removal Policy

We feel that charging a person for the removal of a vehicle that we are in fact buying off them is not a fair practice. So instead of that, we will go to your place when we buy your car off you. We will then pay you on the spot with cash. After this, we use our removal equipment to haul the Hyundai in question off to our salvage yard. And don’t worry, we won’t hide the cost of removal from you. We are dedicated to our customers getting the most money for their automobiles.

If you would like to sell your Hyundai to us, contact us for a free quote! It is fast and easy and there are no obligations to accept our cash offer.

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