How to sell an overheated car

Posted On: March 9, 2018

Overheating in vehicles is usually caused due to hot weather in summers. When you head out on long road trips in scorching sunlight it will cause it to overheat. Sometimes vehicles also get overheated when its engine gets damaged such that it is not repairable. Even your insurance company won’t be ready to repair your automobile with a broken engine.

This is where you must contact your local cash for car or auto wrecking company in order to get an engine replacement. Of course, you will need a reasonable way to stop your auto engine from overheating. These are professionals who buy scrap, damaged and smashed automobiles for good cash.  They will buy your vehicle regardless of its overheated engine, flat tyres or wrecked condition.

What to do when your car overheats?

In most cases, vehicles overheat in very hot weather conditions. When you find an overheating engine always check engine thermostat on the automobile dashboard. Now if you notice that it is very hot, make sure to follow some basic steps and prevent this critical problem.

Always remember to turn off your vehicles engine before parking it. Choose a shaded place to park your vehicle. Also leave its hood open so to lower down the overheating of the engine. Remember the coolant system in your vehicle can have significant pressure which can damage the whole engine badly, so, don’t take off the radiator cap. Refill your coolant after the automobile stop overheating or cools down.

Now look for any leaks, blockages or holes in the hoses. It’s because automobiles usually don’t overheat on its own. Also make sure to keep some essential tools and a safety kit in the automobile. Make sure to have the basic tools for maintenance such as water, flashlight and an additional coolant.

What are the common reasons of overheating in a vehicle?

Generally, there a lot of reasons that can cause overheating in an automobile. This is because the inner working of an engine can be affected by various damages in an automobile. Here are some common reasons of overheating in an automobile.

  • Broken water pumps: The coolant is moved with the help of a water pump. It cools down the engine and protect it from getting overheated. So, if your vehicle has a damaged water pump, it won’t be able to cool itself.
  • Leaks and blockage in the cooling system: If your vehicle has stop cooling itself and gets overheated, it can damage its engine. This can be a result of leaks in the hoses to the pumps, freeze plugs and blockage from the thermostat to the gaskets.
  • Using wrong engine coolant: When you use incorrect engine coolant in your automobile, it can cause your automobile to overheat. So, make sure to use a coolant that is best suggested by the manufacturer of your automobile.
  • Faulty or bad thermostat: If the engine thermostat stop working properly, it fails to regulate the engine temperature correctly.
  • Blocked water flow in the radiator or coolant system: When fins, tubes and hoses in the coolant system get blocked with dust or debris. It loses its efficiency to cool down and completely stop working.

What to do with an overheated car?

Selling a car with engine problems? Sometimes numerous damages are caused due to engine overheating in an automobile. And unfortunately, most of them are irreparable. Hence, the best decision is to junk your overheated automobile with a reputable Car removal company in Auckland. An experienced cash for scrap Car Company will remove your damaged automobile after paying you handsome cash. The amount of money is generally based on basic factors like number of recyclable components and weight of salvageable metal.

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