How to prevent your car from getting rusted?

Posted On: January 10, 2018

After several years of service every vehicle starts aging and deteriorating. In fact, there is no automobile that is exempted from being corroded. Most of the people tend to simply ditch their vehicle in the garage or backyard in that situation. As a result, their automobile tends to collect rust. Rust is usually formed when steel or iron oxide is exposed to oxygen, water and other acids. It is yellowish or reddish-brown flaky coating of iron oxide.

Rusting of automobiles has become a very common and an intimidating problem for vehicle owners. This is especially daunting for people who love their automobile exteriors and bodywork. Besides making your automobile unattractive it will permanently damage its exterior. Moreover, the damage quickly spread to other parts of automobiles as well. Consequently, it will need expensive repairs and its resale value will decrease. So, when it comes to rusting of automobiles, prevention is always better than cure.


Here we have mentioned some effective tips to prevent your vehicles from getting rusted:

Ensure proper and regular maintenance

Even experts recommend to wash and wax automobiles after regular intervals. As it is helpful in avoiding any kind of dirt and rust from accumulating on the auto exterior. Make sure to properly maintain it on a regular basis. Polish and wax its exterior’s paint to prevent rusting. Also, wash and clean it properly from outside like its engine bay and undercarriage.

Keep it dry properly

Many times vehicle owners wash their vehicle with water and leave it to dry on its own. But this is a mistake that allows automobile’s to collect rust. For instance, when you had to use your automobile’s trunk in rainy weather and accidently water seeps into it. It will definitely flow to its components and hidden areas. If you didn’t observe this issue, it will turn into severe rust issue over time.

Clean its plugs and holes

Although your automobile may have drain holes that allow the water to flow out properly. But there might be still some areas where water might have got accumulated. No matter whether you take your automobile for detailing or not. Just make sure to do it on your own by checking out the drain holes in the vehicle’s trunk, doors, engine hood, etc. If you have blocked plugs, it can eventually invite rust.

Put more efforts by taking extra care  

Do you live anywhere close to the sea or the ocean? Take extra care and put in more effort into your car for it not to rust. It is because when iron and steel are exposed to seawater they quickly rust due to an electrochemical reaction. Make sure to park your automobile in a covered carport or garage. You must wash your vehicle and its undercarriage more often. You can create a mixture of some baking soda with the auto washing soap. This will neutralize the salt effectively.

Put your money in rust protection products

These days various anti-rust products are available in automotive stores. If you invest in them, it will save your vehicle from rust. You can also use a coat of anti-rust spray on your automobile.

Invest in them if you want to make sure your car never gets rusty. Just apply the anti-rust spray or coating on to your vehicle after a thorough wash

Look for early signs of rusting

If you clean your automobile on a regular basis, make sure to check the signs of rusting. For example, look for dark spots, bubbles and chips in the paint. Even if you see a small rusty sign, treat it instantly. You can also take the help of a professional auto mechanic straight away rather than regretting in future.

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