Selling a car with engine problem

Posted On: February 20, 2018

Every individual develops a sense of fondness for their vehicles by using it for a long time period. For them it is not just a valuable asset, but they’re one of the most cherished possession. As people can travel several miles in their vehicle without any inconvenience.

However, this convenience comes to an end when the engine of the vehicle gets damaged and gives up. Maybe you have experienced this bad situation where you are stuck in the middle of the road due to a busted engine. Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you might have certainly heard about similar cases. It is really a terrible situation as you have to invest big dollars to fix an engine problem. Sometimes the problem can be so critical that it can be unreasonable for you to get your vehicle back on the road. So, why not sell your car with engine problem? It will be the perfect decision you can take for your engine problem vehicle.


Common types of engine problems that can be seen in a vehicle:

Your engine won’t run due to:

  • Ignition switch stopped working;
  • Failure of starter motor relay;
  • Clogged or bad fuel filter;
  • Loose battery cables, or corrosion of the low or discharged battery;
  • Broken or defective fuel pump;

Frequent service engine light due to:

  • Issue related to the quality of fuel used;
  • Missing or Loose gas lid;
  • Spark plugs that are ran out or broken;
  • Damaged coil packs or distributor;
  • Failure of electronic control unit;
  • Bad oxygen sensor and emissions unit fault;

Overheating of the engine due to:

  • Defective thermostat;
  • Faulty radiator cap;
  • Damaged cooling fan;
  • Low or bad coolant level;
  • Dusty air filter;
  • Internal or external leakage in coolant;
  • Kinked radiator hose;

The necessity of selling your car with a broken engine

It is a typical human nature to get attached to anything that they have been using for a long time. So, most of the people develop attachment with their vehicles. However, they find it difficult to send off their vehicles when it gets old or damaged. But this need becomes urgent when the repair cost of engine problem goes much beyond the actual value of the automobile. This is where a reliable Cash for Cars firm can convert your burdensome vehicle into a profitable asset. Searching for a reliable company is not a simple task though.

Selling your damaged vehicle to a reputed company

Today we can see many people struggling hard to get rid of their broken or unwanted wheels. Unwanted car owners can conveniently approach them to get rid of any make, model and condition of vehicle. These companies will buy such automobiles for the fairest cash than their competitors in the market. They manage to pay top cash rates due to their wide experience and skills about automotive. That’s why, it is always wise to do a little bit of research before choosing a cash for car firm.

Experience high quality vehicle wrecking services

Most of the professional junk car wrecking outfits is not concerned about buying specific makes and models. They are willing to purchase every kind of vehicle, whether functional and non-functional. Because they have years of knowledge in this business, they always pay highest rates based on the current condition. They will also help you in getting rid of the vehicle from your place or anywhere in Sydney. After assessing the condition, the towers will take away your vehicle to the company’s premises.

There automobiles are broken for parts which are categorized as: functional and non-functional. The useful components are sorted, cleaned and recycled for being used as second hand items. While the rest of the damaged or unusual items are crushed for scrap metal.

Sell your broken car to us

We are professional and licensed unwanted car buyers. Our staff is interested in removing every type of damaged vehicle. Our company will buy your engine problematic automobile regardless of its make and model. In fact, we will happily offer you the best quote prices. You can speak to our friendly representatives at any time to book a free removal on the same day.

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