In the latest era, all the nations are having a junk yard also usually known as salvage yards. Salvage yard is the place where they carry the accidental, broken, rusty, junk, scrap or totalled vehicles and dismantle them for the good reason. After extracting all the reusable vehicle parts, rest of metal sent to the Metal recycling department. Which results in generating so many different products for different industries.

Junk yards are as useful as the waste management for the community and we all should know how they really work.

Automobile graveyards are usually intimidating sites for most folks, but it is a great source of less expensive components for all auto needs. Actually, these places take in vehicles that have been wrecked or suffering from irreparable mechanical issues. But, these vehicles may have some parts that are still functioning well and can be reused.

How do Salvage Yards operate?

Unlike auto recycling and dumping centers, scrap yards operate differently. They buy a variety of cars that are not-roadworthy. After this their expert auto dismantlers break them into pieces and pulled out all the usable parts. These are usually components like –  doors, lights, Windshields, Seats, Trims and accessories, electrical parts, windows, mirrors and everything else that is functional and worth some value. Find out the secrets of the junk yard and get more details.

Once they remove the items, they make sure that are working well and send them to warehouses. Also, they don’t mess with junk auto owners and allow them to take off what they need from their cars. In addition to this, anyone looking for parts can easily inquire into its availability by giving them a call. If they find one in their inventory, they will quickly send it at their customer’s door. However, they charge some fees for part delivery.

Auto Recycling Process

When the bring the old vehicle, it goes through a series of steps before they break it of. Firstly, the auto wreckers drain all the fluids, coolant and oil that are toxic and can leak into the environment. We can store these fluids safely in containers to use by other automobiles. After this, they will inspect and remove the oil tanks, batteries and tyres. We can use these items for various purposes.

For instance, tyres can be reused in several ways even after getting worn-out, like they are often used to generate energy after being burnt, as ground rubber, ret-treated to be sold again and even sold as is if in a good state.

They set the price of other components  on the basis of their condition. If they are in a perfect condition they sell them as used car parts and accessories. The junk yards also use electronic databases to keep record of their workers as well as parts available in their inventory. This helps them to quickly supply the second hand components to their clients.

What happens to the materials Not to use?

When the usable parts are sorted out the leftover or unusable components are sent to the vehicle recycling centers. There they are first crushed and priced according to its weight. As for the fiberglass components, they are sent to their respective recyclers. After recycling these materials are used for different purposes. According to a survey, of about 12 million cars are sold to salvage yards per year and that contain 75% of recyclable metal components.

Why Scrap yards play a key role

Salvage yards are important in various aspects. Without them, it would be very difficult for people to restore or repair their older vehicles by using exact parts. This way people can save a lot of money with the help of their scrap yards. Generally, these people also have good connections with other scrap yards and are able to provide all required parts easily.

Furthermore, they also help people to get rid of their junk vehicles by disposing them safely and buying them for cash.

Do not miss the opportunity to browse some of famous junk yards below operating through NZ and Australia:

King Auto

Qld Wreckers


It is no secret that people develop emotional bonds with their cars. That bond gets stronger the longer it serves the owner. And when it finally curls its toes up and dies, it can be an upsetting time. It can be terribly tempting to get it repaired, but it will cost more to have it road worthy again, then it will to just get a new vehicle. It would be wise to just send it off to one of the auto scrap yards in your area and upgrade to an automobile that actually works.

If you have decided to scrap the old car via selling it to an auto wrecking company, you will have chosen the stress free and less time consuming way to dispose of the machine. That lack of complication comes at a price, though. The other option, of course, is to scrap the thing yourself. This requires some knowledge of the inner workings of a car, the ability to identify all the individual parts, experience working on cars in that capacity, and where to sell parts. It also helps to have the right tools.


Find out what parts work and what parts don’t

Why does the car run no more? What parts are no longer functioning? Or more importantly, if there are components that are perfectly fine, which ones are they? The fact that the vehicle no longer runs and will be much too costly to repair doesn’t mean that the entire thing is worthless. There are most likely plenty of working components. Just not the ones that are causing all the problems.

Remove the battery

Batteries are easy to locate, remove and sell. Most dealers will buy batteries that have died. If it hasn’t died it will be even easier to sell.

Drain the fluids

This step is especially important in relation to the fuel. Leaving it in the vehicle will be a potential hazard, and will certainly be messy. Have the tank completely drained. You might want to keep the petrol for use in your next car. You can also sell it. Everyone wants petrol so it shouldn’t be hard to sell it.

Part the car out

Junk auto wreckers make their livings from selling the auto parts that work on scrap vehicles, which is why it is more profitable to do it yourself, rather than sell it to them so that they can do it instead.

The tyres won’t be hard to sell, depending on their condition. Even if they are worn down too much, they can still be sold to a car dealership who can recycle them. The seats, windscreen wipers, seat covers, steering wheel, gear stick and so forth are all very likely to be in saleable condition. If you are unsure of how much they would be valued at simply look up online how much others sell them for.

Scrap the rest

Strip out any copper wiring. Remove the doors and sell them. All the metal can be sold as scrap, and the engine can be sold online with relative ease. After you have done this you have successfully learned to get cash for junk cars without having to resort to third parties who will do all the hard work but make all the money as well.

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