Do you live in Auckland and have an old rusted car that is ready to be disposed of? Do you also want to earn some good money during the process? Then, you have come to the right place. Our team at Cash for Car, guarantee same day fast removal services and pays the possible price for old and unwanted vehicles in Auckland.

How does it work?

We are the fast and convenient way to get rid of your old or used vehicle and make some valuable room in your front yard or driveway. Also, don’t worry about repairing your vehicle or cleaning it, we will be delighted to take it off your property as it is and at no hidden charges or fees.

Why consider our services for the removal of your old car?

We are a team of professionally trained people who always promise to offer reliable and efficient auto removal services through the entire Auckalnd. We welcome all types of vehicles, regardless of their model and make. Our proficient staff offers free quote service at 24/7 basis, providing smooth cash for cars and free removal services 6 days in a week.

Whether you own a dead or alive vehicle, there is no need to arrange a roadworthy certificate for it. The best thing of all is that, with the help of our experienced valuators you can easily get a free no-obligation quote within minutes or a few hours. Therefore, when you choose us the old car removal process becomes as simple as counting to five.

We pay top dollars for all makes and models –Up to $12,000

Whether your old vehicle is damaged, used, unwanted, broken, rusted or not-running. We will be happy to buy it and pay you top dollar. In fact, we are always passionate to shell out handsome remuneration up to $12,000 for all makes and models from any manufacturer, including Nissan, Mazda, Jeep, BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, Daewoo, Hyndai, Isuzu, Holden, Subaru, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet, etc.

We always pay quick cash on-door at the time of the removal of all types of vehicles including cars, vans, utes, trucks, 4WDs, SUVs, bikes, buses and even Jeeps.

How our old car removal process works?

There are a number of cash for cars companies operating out there in Auckland. But not many of them offer top-notch cash offer and convenient removal services like ours. Our highly experienced vehicle removers can reach you anywhere in Auckland. And its nearby suburbs within hours and we can also come to you on weekdays. There’s no towing fees and you will get some instant hard cash in your pocket when we remove your automobile. Beside that we will complete the necessary paperwork and won’t charge you any fees for it.

Therefore, if you have a broken or wrecked old car sitting in your driveway and you want to sell it quickly while avoiding the unpleasant hassles of private sales, you already know where to sell it.

Get in touch with us quickly to get a free top dollar quote

If you want to enjoy a speedy and convenient removal of your old clunker from your location anywhere in Auckland. Please contact us today. Our process of offering free no-obligation quote is super easy and fast. Simply make us a call or fill up our online form to give some important details about your vehicle. And, our experts will give you an upfront cash quote within minutes.

How much auto wreckers pay for scrap cars in Auckland, NZ


There comes a time in life, when the vehicle that you own gets completely run down and is no more functional. In such a situation, you might probably consider buying newer automobiles and leaving the junk one parked in their driveway collecting dust.

However, you can use your vehicle in a much better way. That is, you can sell it for some good cash instead of simply letting it deteriorate in your garage. When it comes to selling a junk vehicle, there are multiple options that will come to your mind such as breaking and selling it up for parts, trading it in, selling it local yards etc. However, the best avenue will be selling it for scrap and maximize your profit. Check out seven ways to get rid of your Junker.

Let’s take a look at what all you will need to do in order to sell your car for scrap and why it makes the most sense to do so.


Find out a reliable scrap dealer

First of all, contact several scrap yards to get an idea whether or not they will take your old Junker as is and what they will pay you for it. This way you will come to know the price your scrap car will qualify for. You may also ask them if they also provide a pickup service.

If you are lucky enough, you will easily get the best deal. However, sometimes you may even require to put some extra efforts to find a profitable deal.

Generally, you can also consider selling it for parts, i.e. explore the number of working parts in your vehicle. You can sell them to buyers looking for replacement parts. This will take your time and effort, but at the end you will get paid for it.

Now the rest of the scrap or leftover should be sold to scrap auto buyers. At this point, make sure to consider a few things. This includes cleaning up the vehicle which will certainly affect the overall value you will get for it. So, make sure to remove the garbage or any other undesirable thing from it. Remember to negotiate the price, as the junk dealers will usually offer you a lower price than your automobile actually value.

Why scrapping a vehicle is a sensible option?

Selling a vehicle for scrap is undoubtedly a more profitable than any other junk auto selling method. And, of course, there is not one good reason to do this, there are plenty of them. The most important reason is that by scrapping your old automobile you can even qualify to avail rebate and enjoy tax savings.

Again, if you have lost your old vehicle’s paperwork, then you can’t consider selling it to a new owner as it is illegal to sell a vehicle without proper documentation. Now, the only best option you will be left with is to sell it for scrap.

Lastly, if your car is in a really poor condition that it is completely not repairable or damaged in some major collision, then scrapping it will most sensible and practical option to go for.

A Final word on why scrapping a salvage car is the best way to make more money out of it

You may even choose the easy avenues to get the quick cash for junk cars. But it won’t get you a good worth for your vehicle. Selling the car for parts, preparing it for sale, exploring the best deal and lastly set up a negotiable price will obviously take your time. But will prove to be your best bet.

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