How to tell when a car has become junk?

Posted On: July 29, 2016

If the car that you have had for over a decade is acting up, it’s normal to get frustrated. It’s even normal to be angry. To be fair, it has spent an inordinate amount of time languishing at the local mechanic. It seems as though every time you turn the ignition it’s a coin toss as to whether the engine will play ball and let you get to work on time. You’ve even begun waking up earlier in the morning in order to get there on time in the event of your ride deciding to skip its duties for the day.

Don’t go jumping to conclusions yet as to whether it’s a contender for the scrap yard just yet, though. Get Cash for cars crew to inspect it. And if it turns out your wheels have had it, you can then sell your junk car to them.


Generally, though, if one was forced to give a quick run-down of what it takes to be a scrap vehicle. It would go something like this: the cost of maintaining the vehicle has exceeded the cost of a new one. That includes new second hand. Time has had its dastardly way with your beloved vehicle, and it has finally died from old age. If one wants to get just a little bit more specific on the details but not too much, here is a small list of things that contribute to an automobiles status as “junk”.

What makes a Junk car a “Junk-Car?”

Sedentary: A vehicle is more likely to be scrapped when it is getting no exercise. No-one is taking it out for regular walks. In some cases it has been abandoned in a random spot. Or it’s at a junk car yard.

Its value is severely compromised:  It can’t be sold through the normal avenues because car buyers normally want to buy vehicles that will actually go.

Lack of paperwork: There is no title of ownership, no Warrant of fitness, no nothing.

It’s Old: Normally when a vehicle has reached junk auto status via circumstances other than damage. One can point the finger at the passing of time as the culprit behind its demise.

Damage: Either the vehicle has either accumulated so much damage that it’s finally died, or it has been written off in one fowl swoop via an accident.

Profile of a generic scrap vehicle

Rhetorically speaking, if one were to take one out for a drive, they would expect it to break down at some point with a ninety-nine percent likelihood rating for that assumption. The vehicle is at least a decade old at the youngest, but more likely over twenty-five to thirty years old.

Whenever you think of the vehicle or it comes up in conversation, at some point you always catch yourself saying “I want to get cash for my junk car”.

If someone were to make it their job to fix the automobile in question. No matter what, the end result would be ninety percent different parts. Technically, it wouldn’t be the same vehicle. And it would cost a fortune if you take it to the right auto wreckers. The result would be a vehicle that would be worth less than the amount of time and labor that went into it.

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