How accidents affect the value your car?

Posted On: December 11, 2018

Nowadays the number of car accidents has increased significantly. Though road accidents are the most unwanted thing that happen to the car owners. Now, one can often observe awful and minor fender benders happening on the roads. While there are also road accidents which may render a vehicle as completely useless. However, it is safe to say that the latter is not very common. But you should still know how much the value of your vehicle drops down after an accident.

How much your vehicle is worth after an accident?

Before getting into a tiny fender bender or major collision, a vehicle is capable of effortlessly moving owner from one place to another. It even offers safe and enjoyable rides when going on road trips. However, after the vehicle gets damaged in a collision it looses its reliability. It stops giving comfy and safe rides.


And, if you don’t get it fixed it will just appear as a bad looking piece of machine. No matter what the situation is you will want to know how much money you will be able to get after selling your accident damaged vehicle. Keep reading to find out how road accident influence the worth of any automobile.

How severe was the road accident?

Although this question might seem easy to answer. But this is the most important aspect that defines the worth of a banged-up automobile in an accident. If your vehicle was involved in a minor collision it could have suffered only minor damages like a broken headlight. In such cases the damages can be easily fixed with the assistance of a professional auto mechanic.

However, if the accident has left your vehicle badly broken with dented panels, broken suspension, blow- out head gasket. The cost of repair can exceed your budget. Even if you get the vehicle fixed effectively, it will decrease the overall value of your wheels to a large extent. Read more how to get the fast cash for car in Auckland.

When you try to sell it after repairing, your prospective buyers will easily able to detect the fixed damages. After all, you will need to present the relevant paperworks of its repair and maintenance. Moreover, when any major damage is repaired, it leaves an easily visible evidence.

How much does it cost to fix the vehicle?

Sometimes automobiles get damaged to such a level that they are no more worth fixing. Usually, the cost of repairs is same as its actual amount. At that time it would be wise to sell the broken automobile rather than getting it repaired. But make sure to get recommendations from a professional mechanic. They will  be able to determine whether or not it is good to repair the questionable vehicle. Overall, it is based on the amount of damage in it.

If its transmission or engine is broken such that they need a replacement. It would be best to compare the repair costs with the actual cost of the vehicle. So, you will know whether to keep and fix it or scrap it with your local Car Wreckers in Auckland.

Basically, if the accident has damaged more than 40% of the automobile’s body or parts, it is wise to get rid of it. You can better sell it to an experienced cash for car outfit near you and get good value. It will be based on its working parts, scrap steel and salvageable metal.

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